Doggy Spending Time Outside This Summer? Helpful Tips To Keep It Cool

15 July 2016
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Summer is here. If you have a dog that spends time outside during the day, you need to make sure that it has everything it will need to stay cool and hydrated. That includes taking extra precautions to accommodate emergency situations. Here are two steps you can take to keep your dog safe from the heat this summer.

Provide Extra Water

You never know when the temperatures are going to rise and your dog is going to go through all the water you left out for it. With the temperatures rising, be sure you leave at least two full bowls of water out for your dog. If you have a doggy door, be sure to leave one bowl of water inside the house and another bowl of water outside the house. Having a bowl of water outside will prevent a disaster if your dog happens to get locked out of the doggy door – which could happen if your dog knocks something over that blocks the door. Without water inside and out, your dog could be left without water until you return.

Create a Cool Spot

Your dog is going to need a cool place to relax while it's outside this summer. Here are three ways to create the perfect resting spot.

Leave the Spigot On

To make sure your dog has a cool place to rest while it's outside during the summer, leave an outside water spigot on to a slight drip. The drizzle of water will cool the area and provide a comfortable place for your pet to rest. The spigot will also provide your dog with an additional supply of water. For best results, make sure the spigot is located near a grassy area so that you don't turn your backyard into a muddy mess while you're gone.

Install a Mister

To create an oasis for your dog, you can attach a backyard mister to your spigot. This will provide a cool mist for your dog to relax in while you're gone. One of the benefits of a mister is that you can place it in any area of your yard.

Set Up a Pool

If your dog enjoys the water, you can provide a cool place to take a dip by placing a rigid plastic kiddie pool in the backyard. Fill it with water and your dog will be able to take a dip whenever it gets too hot.

Now that summer is here, you need to make sure that your four-legged family members are safe from the heat. The tips provided here will help you provide a cool place for your dog to relax this summer. If your dog should become lethargic after being outdoors, be sure to get them to the vet, like Parkview Animal Hospital, as soon as possible. It might be suffering from dehydration.