3 Keys To Grooming Your Dog

4 June 2015
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Taking care of your dog involves getting them plenty of exercise, while also giving them the best nutrition possible. However, you'll also need to be sure that you also pay attention to your pet's grooming. This allows you to keep them clean and presentable, while avoiding infections, parasites and other unfortunate circumstances that can happen when your pet's grooming isn't looked after properly. Take advantage of these three tips, so that you can keep your dog's health and grooming in order. 

#1: Make Sure To Bathe Your Dog Regularly And The Right Way

The amount of times you need to bathe your dog depends heavily upon their breed, size and activity. This is the case, because many dogs may be healthy, even if they begin to smell bad, so a lot of the bathing is to keep them suitable for social settings. Regardless, make sure that you give your dog a bath about once per month, to be sure that they are having their skin relieved from sweat and oils. You may need to wash your dog more frequently depending a number of circumstances, so pay attention to your dog's breed and activity level to know for sure. 

#2: Keep Your Dog's Nails Trimmed Properly

You need to make sure that you groom your dog's nails properly trimmed, both for the betterment of your dog, and so that they don't scratch you in your handling. Their nails can grow rapidly, so you need to be sure that you stay on top of this bit of grooming every couple of weeks. As you clip your dog's nails, be sure that you focus on the tip and stay away from their veins, as cutting too low and close can be incredibly painful to your dog. 

#3: Make Pet Grooming A Ritual 

In the same way that training and playing with your dog builds a rapport that will last for years, you'll need to be sure that you put some quality time and energy into grooming. This allows your dog to trust you, and also lets you notice changes in your dog's body that might point to health problems. This makes you more knowledgable when it comes to talking to your vet, to remain an active participant in the care of your pet. 

Take advantage of these three tips, so that you can keep your pet properly groomed and healthy. For further assistance, reach out to a pet groomer, like those at Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile Practice Ltd, that can assist you.