3 Reasons To Take Your Pet To An Animal Clinic As Soon As Possible

4 June 2015
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If you want your pet to live a long and happy life, good health is a necessity. Many pet owners, however, neglect the important responsibility of ensuring proper medical care for their pets. With pet insurance becoming more affordable, and with advancements in technology, it's easier than ever to get effective treatments for most medical ailments your pet may have. Here are three good reasons you should visit your local animal hospital with your pet:

Take Your Pet to an Animal Clinic If It Hasn't Had Any Preventative Care

Most parents take their kids in for immunizations to prevent disease, and many pets need similar shots to stay healthy. Dogs, for example, need to get shots for rabies, lyme disease, and even the flu. There are similar shots for cats and other domestic animals. Many animal clinics make getting immunizations very accessible, and they are very affordable for people who do not have insurance. This type of preventative care will prevent your pet from getting diseases and spreading them to other animals in your area or to your family. Other important preventative care services you may be interested in, include:

  • Regularly scheduled health exams
  • Dental cleanings
  • Maintenance treatment for chronic pain or other issues

Take Your Pet in If You Don't Want Your Pet to Reproduce

Another way an animal clinic can help you prevent a problem is to spay or neuter your pet. The process of removing your pets reproductive organs is done to prevent your female dog or cat from getting pregnant, and it will prevent your male pets from reproducing with other animals in your neighborhood. Your pet will be under anesthesia for the procedure, and will only feel minor discomfort for a brief time after.

Take Your Pet to an Animal Clinic For Treatment of Non-Emergency Injuries or Ailments

Some animal clinics also have an emergency center, but more often than not that's not the case. You will likely need an emergency animal hospital for critical injuries sustained by your pets. But if you have noticed your pet has been limping for a while and had no recovery, or if your pet has had digestive issues or other non-emergency problems, you can take it in for an exam and testing. Most animal clinics have an in-house lab, and you can get results fairly quickly. These clinics also have X-ray machines that are safe for animals, including low radiation exposure X-ray wands. They also have blood testing and fecal analysis testing for pets with internal problems that need to be identified.

With the accessibility of great animal care, there is a greater responsibility for pet owners to make sure their pets have good medical care. By getting preventative care, regular exams, and additional care as needed, you pet will have a much better life with you and your family.