How A Groomer Takes A Bite Out Of A Flea Problem

8 June 2015
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Fleas can be an itchy problem that spread beyond your dog and into your entire household. Take care of a flea problem quickly by making a grooming appointment for your dog. Here is what you can expect from the groomer. 

Initial Shampoo

Your groomer will often begin with a regular dog shampoo. It must be thick and lather well. 

Rather than rinsing the dog at the beginning of the process, the groomer will add water with the shampoo and work up a thick lather. The lather should start at the dog's neck and go down. This is to keep fleas from running for higher ground and ending up on the dog's face. 

The groomer will then allow the lather to stay on your pup for about 15 minutes to suffocate any fleas. Then the shampoo, along with the fleas, are rinsed down the drain. 

Medicated Shampoo

The next step in getting rid of fleas is a medicated shampoo. This shampoo will suffocate any fleas that have been left on your dog and will soothe the dog's skin where it has been bitten. 

This shampoo is used in the same way as the first shampoo. The dog will be lathered up, left to sit for a few minutes and then thoroughly washed. 

Flea Dip

Some groomers will no longer use a flea dip product on your dog, so be sure to check when booking your appointment. 

A flea dip is mainly a preventative procedure but only lasts for about a month. You will need to find an additional form of flea protection for your dog. 

When conducting a flea dip, your groomer will begin by running a bath for your dog. The water is then treated with a flea preventative. The dog is then left to soak in the water rather than having the product rubbed on like shampoo. 

The groomer will makes sure that the flea dip has coated the dog's skin. Then instead of being washed off, the dip is left to dry on the dog. This will temporarily prevent fleas from returning. 

Oral Medication

Some groomers will give your dog a flea prevention pill, but some will not. Speak to your groomer to know whether your dog can get this pill from the groomer or whether you will need to get it from the veterinarian. The pill typically protects your dog from fleas for one month. 

Client Education

If you bring a flea bitten dog in for grooming, the groomer should educate you on preventing future flea infestations. 

Your groomer will tell you to thoroughly vacuum carpets, wash bedding and even flea bomb your home. If fleas remain in your home, they can bite people and other pets. 

There are many types of products on the market to get fleas to stay off your dog, so it should be fairly simple to avoid further flea problems. 

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