Can Pet Birds Survive Surgery?

9 June 2015
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Birds are just as special to you as a dog or cat. They make wonderful pets and you want them to live long, healthy lives. Just like with cats or dogs, birds can become ill and require surgery. You might not realize it, but your bird can survive surgery.

Birds and Stress

Birds become stressed very easily. This happens most often when there is a change in the bird's life. That's why wild birds that you try to take care of after a cat "plays" with it often dies from shock instead of wounds. The adrenal gland goes into overload releasing adrenaline. The adrenaline raises blood pressure causing the bird's heart to pump too fast. Surgery is a huge change in a bird's life and quickly causes that fatal stress. Because of this problem, birds placed under anesthesia for surgery used to pass away from shock all the time.

Birds and Anesthesia

Years ago, it was considered a miracle if a pet bird survived anesthesia and surgery. That is why so many people today believe that they can't take a pet bird to the vet. Thanks to advances in surgery, anesthesia has become much safer and gentle for those scared little birds. Birds survive surgery as often as cats or dogs now.

Birds and Safe Surgery

The veterinarian has to keep as calm as possible before and after surgery to help guarantee success. The bird is kept warm and left in a quiet space. A sick bird won't always eat or drink, so a liquid diet is given to help with dehydration before surgery. Although the vet office and cage is different from what your bird is used to, he will still feel comfortable and safe. The same is done after surgery so that your bird wakes up without stressing out.

Surgery Failures

Unfortunately, like with all surgeries, there can be complications. Since birds do have a high stress level, they are more susceptible to passing away because of the illness and stress instead of the surgery. A bird with an illness or problem that affects the heart has a higher risk of death after surgery. A weak heart mixed with stress is very deadly.

Avian Vets

Not all vets have the knowledge and means to perform surgery on birds. You should always go to a trusted avian vet with your bird friend. If there isn't one in your area, try to find a vet that works with exotics or has rehabilitation experience with birds.

Yes, you can take your pet bird to the vet for surgery. It's much safer than it used to be and chances are high that you'll bring your pet home happy and healthy.

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