Don't Make These Mistakes With Your Injured Dog

10 June 2015
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If your dog has become hurt, you may think you know what to do to calm them down and get them to the animal hospital. However, there are some common mistakes that pet owners make that can be uncomfortable and dangerous for both you and your pet. Here are some mistakes to avoid with your injured dog.

Trying to Hug Your Dog

Your first thought may be to hug your dog and soothe them, but even the gentlest dog might snap at you when feeling unwell. Try to keep away from your dog's mouth and avoid touching your dog as much as possible so that you don't cause them more discomfort. If necessary, consider putting a muzzle on your dog.

How do you muzzle your dog if you don't have a muzzle available? Gauze and stockings can keep an unruly dog's mouth closed, so that you can pick them up and move them to the car. The one time you should not muzzle your injured dog is if they are vomiting or have significant oral injuries, like porcupine quills. 

Not Checking Your Feelings

If something happens to your beloved dog, you are going to be in some distress. However, you likely are already aware that your dog takes their cues from you and your behavior. You have to make every effort to talk to your dog in a low, soft tone and assure them that they will get the help they need. You might be a nervous wreck, but it is important that you help your dog remain as calm as possible by staying clam yourself. 

Not Putting Them in a Carrier

You might not usually keep your dog in a carrier or any kind, but when they are injured and need to be transported, keeping them in a limited area can mean that your dog stays safest. They won't pace around or move around in the car,  and that can help them avoid further injury.

What do you do if you don't have a carrier? In that case, you can use a box or crate for your dog. If you have a large dog, consider using a sled to transport them. You can also wrap them loosely in a blanket and use it as you might use a stretcher to life them about and keep them from moving around too much.

Use the information above to avoid mistakes when your pet is not feeling well. Call the animal hospital for more suggestions about how to safely deal with your injured dog. For more information on animal first aid and healing, contact a place like Deep Creek Veterinary Hospital.