Important Reasons To Find A Veterinarian Before Purchasing A Turtle

11 June 2015
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Are you thinking about getting a turtle? Are you still researching what sort of care your new pet will be needing? Although you hope that your new pet will never be sick or injured, here are some reasons why you should find a good veterinary clinic before you get your turtle:

Not every clinic will accept exotic pets: Not all veterinary clinics are equipped to deal with animals that are not cats or dogs. It may take a while to find a clinic that has the equipment and staff to care for your reptilian friend. Animal illness or injury can appear unexpectedly and you probably don't want your turtle to be sick or in pain while you try to find an accommodating vet. By having a veterinarian lined up ahead of time, you'll know that your turtle will be well cared for if the time comes.

Some turtles are prone to infection: In the wild, turtles often emerge from hibernation with a variety of infections. Even if your turtle doesn't go into hibernation, you may find that it gets more infections than a more traditional pet, like a cat or dog. If you have a veterinary clinic that is familiar with your turtle, they may be able to diagnose and prescribe treatment over the phone. If you tell them that your turtle seems to be developing another eye infection, they may simply be able to prescribe antibiotic eye drops that you can pick up later. Being able to do this can help save you the cost of an exam fee.

Turtle illnesses can be difficult to treat at home: While you might be a big fan of home remedies, not all of these will work with your turtle. For example, your turtle may develop an abscess or an eye infection. Unlike mammalian infections, the pus in the infected area may solidify. Once this happens, the infected material should be removed by a trained veterinarian at your preferred veterinary clinic and your turtle should probably be prescribed a round of antibiotics.

Turtles can make wonderful pets, but they require more specialized care than can be provided in most veterinary clinics. Finding a good reptile veterinarian will help to ensure that your turtle is getting the correct treatment that it needs. With the correct care and a good veterinarian, a turtle can be your companion for many years to come. For more information about caring for your pet, talk with a veterinarian like Canine Center.