Four Symptoms That Could Be Cat Emergencies

17 June 2015
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It can be hard to know when your cat might be having a medical emergency. Cats tend to hide their illnesses, but there are signs to watch out for that can mean life or death for your cat. Here are four symptoms you should keep an eye out for and get your cat into an emergency animal clinic right away if these come up.

1. Abdominal Pain

If your cat seems to be hunched over or has trouble walking, they might have abdominal pain. This can be from various ailments such as a urinary tract infection to an intestinal blockage. These can go from bad to worse quickly. If your cat won't stretch out or let you feel their tummy there might be something serious going on.

2. Wheezing and Difficult Breathing

If your cat suddenly starts wheezing or seems to have labored breathing, they might be having something more serious going on behind the scenes. This can be a sign of an allergic reaction, and their throat might be constricted. This might be an emergency that can worsen if this does not clear up on its own.

3. Continued Vomiting

If you are used to your cat vomiting, it can be easy to write this off as hairballs or just the norm. Be careful to monitor this though. If your cat keeps vomiting every few hours, they may have eaten something they shouldn't or be seriously ill. Even if they just have a bug, cats can dehydrate rapidly and fluids might need to be administered.

4. Trouble Urinating

If your cat starts having accidents or relieving themselves outside of the cat box, this might be a sign of urinary trouble, and not something that you should discipline them for. Cats can be picky with their cat boxes, but if your cat is having trouble urinating this is a sign that they might have a urinary blockage. Crying while in the cat box or frequent trips to the cat box might be signs of a major problem.

There are obvious signs to take your cat in to the vet such as weight loss or not eating, but there can be other symptoms that are easy to chalk up to your cat's fickle nature. Make sure that you are in tune with your cat's routine and general health. If something seems out of the ordinary, a trip to the vet is worth your peace of mind.  

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