3 Tips To Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

22 June 2015
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In order to be sure that your dog is well taken care of, you need to be sure that you are providing them with practical health and medical care. As a dog owner, the following tips below will help you to keep your dog as healthy as possible through the years.

#1: Know What Foods And Substances That Your Dog Should Not Have

While people are typically vigilant about finding the best foods to give their dog, you may not know about some of the foods and substances that you should keep your dog away from. For instance, bread dough can cause serious problems for your dog. Substances with caffeine can be toxic to your dog; if ingested, your dog can experience discomfort and quivers. Avocados can cause your dog to either throw up or experience bouts of diarrhea. Many people feed their dogs scraps from their plate--which can be fine in most cases--but can create serious repercussions in others, such as the instances outlined above. 

#2: Use Some Practical Home Remedies For Your Dog

While you should take your dog to the vet when they are having issues, there are also some practical remedies that you can employ in order to help them out of some dangerous situations. For instance, you can give your dog electrolyte-infused drinks in order to keep them well hydrated, especially throughout the summer months. If your dog has a habit of chewing on things that they shouldn't, you can slather it with a sports cream, to deter them from gnawing on it. Further, washing your dog with dishwashing liquid is useful in helping them get rid of fleas, without using harsh chemicals. 

#3: Take Your Dog In For Regular Vet Checkups

Taking your dog to the veterinarian allows you to make sure that any issues are caught early. Your vet will also keep excellent medical records for your dog, so that they can accurately diagnose and treat them. This should be considered the backbone and foundation of your dog's medical care and is a very practical way to keep them healthy for as long as possible. If you aren't sure where to take your dog for regular check-ups, talk with a place like All-Pets Hospital.

If you apply these three practical tips to the way you take care of your dog, you will best be able to protect them so that they are happy and healthy.